Matthew Hammond + Cristina Pedreira
Week 1: Hand drawn banner from Manchester to London. (Y)OUR FIRST TIME + QR codes
Week 2: Hand drawn banner from Manchester to London. Score + QR codes
Week 3: Hand drawn banner from Manchester to London. 0'53" FOR ONE LAP + QR codes
Week 4: Virtual Banner sent to addresses on the form left at the reception of HOUSERULES
Week 5: Slides intervention at the space by Cristina Pedreira
Week 6: Live performance by Matthew Hammond. Synchronized and announced in London by Ben Faga's trumpet fanfare and hand painted poster by Cristina Pedreira.

On Thursday 13th March, Matthew Hammond performed for Houserules from his house in Manchester.
The beginning of the performance was announced in London at 7.30 pm by Ben Faga's trumpet fanfare. The performance lasted for 15 minutes and it was closed by another trumpet fanfare in East India Docks, London.
The slide projected in the background was projected in London's Anchorage House the week before by Cristina Pedreira.

Houserules is a collaborative project initiated by Nadia Berri, and executed with participating artists Tatiana Baskakova, Victoria Burgher, Terry Dynes, Ben Faga, Matthew Hammond, Jeremy Lee, Jayne Lloyd, Kate Mahony, Erifili Missiou, Cristina Pedreira, Daniella Valz-Gen and Rob Brown (+ guest artists).
From February 4th, 12 artists occupied the fifth floor of a largely unoccupied office building in East India Docks, as part of creative director and curator Caitlin Mavroleon’s ambitious project, OFFICE SESSIONS, in which different art projects will activate 100,000 sq ft of empty office space. Over 42 days the artists engaged in the development of constantly evolving work for, and in direct response to 20,000 sq ft of a deserted office floor. HOUSERULES embraces the idea of indeterminacy within the restrictions of the fifth floor to bring, but also to question, freedom, action and play, in the context of an exhibition and also the given space. The participating artists work in a variety of media, including performance, film, installation, sculpture, text and sound. 

Matthew Hammond and Cristina Pedreira developed their work for Houserules from their residence in Manchester.

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