An international experimental group show with 18 Danish and British artists exhibiting new artworks.
Curated by Stine Ljungdalh and Wendy Plovmand
January 10, 2014 - February 1
Opening January 10, 17:00 - 22.00
The intention behind the exhibition GamingGaming is to present a process orientated exhibition that serves as an opportunity for the artists to investigate and exchange within the creative process in relation to the idea of “Game of Chance”. The exhibition aims to look into the relationship between original inspiration, opportunity and outcome as an equally important part of the exhibition concept.
The idea behind the exhibition arises from a desire to integrate a substantial part of the artistic idea, process and inspiration into the exhibition.
The proposal relates to the idea of “Game of Chance” and consequently aims to challenge the artistic process as a kind of game, inviting uncertainty of outcome into the artistic processes: processes that depend both on conscious decisions as well as those having to do with chance and the factor of uncertainty.
Each participating artist has contributed an existing work reproduced in an A5 format, the curators did a random lottery drawing and subsequently specific artworks were forwarded to another artist by chance. With inspiration from the received artwork, all artists have created a new work for the exhibition.
By inviting all 18 artists to relate to the idea of the artistic process and the factor of uncertainty and chance as constructive partner or an obstruction, we hope to present an original and dynamic group exhibition that may invite the artists to explore new ways.
Augusta Atla (DK ), Thorbjørn Bechmann (DK), Julie Bitsch (DK), Rachel Cattle (UK)
Ditte Gantriis (DK), Anne Haaning (DK/UK), Stine Ljungdalh (DK), Renata Kudlacek (G)
Hélène Martin (UK), Astrid Myntekær (DK), Noriko Okaku (UK), Cristina Pedreira (UK)
Vanda Playford (UK), Wendy Plovmand (DK), Steve Richards (UK), Jan S Hansen (DK )
Matthew Stone (UK) and Maria Wæhrens (DK)

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