Día de Fiesta
Acrylic on canvas and rope.
500 x 180 cm 
Installation view, Connection Point SE1, Bermondsey Project Space, London. 

Dia de Fiesta from Cristina Pedreira on Vimeo.
Dia de Fiesta and Día de Fiesta II.
A project named after Indienella's song "Día de Fiesta" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mtu3gOYpcI
Documentation of the performance by Cristina Pedreira installing the oversized bunting in various public spaces.
Bunting made of acrlic on canvas and rope. Original designs by Cristina Pedreira.
Día de Fiesta II is a video compilation featuring all the locations in which the piece was installed, devoid of any human presence. (This is only an extract of the total 5' 23")